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Order/Register by following the instructions below...or email me for further information.
  1. Call toll free at 1 (800) 763-9963 (press 3 when the recording begins, to get a live operator). Call M-F 8-5 MT -or- if you don't feel that you need to talk to a live operator, just call the same number 24 hrs. a day (do not press 3 as soon as the recording starts) and enroll & place your order electronically....just follow the prompts.
  2. Let them know that Lo Ree Gloden is your sponsor and give them my Member Number - 105818.
  3. To just become a customer, order as much or as little as you want.
    To become a distributor, purchase at least $50 worth of products and a $5 Policies & Procedures manual and you will receive your own Member Number.
  4. As a registered distributor, you will then be able to buy wholesale plus receive Referral, Royalty, Infinity, Professional, and Override commissions by referring others.
  5. When orders are placed by others that you refer, you will receive commission checks as long as you purchase a minimum of $50 in products that month.
  6. You have no inventory to stock and no monies to collect.

  7. Tell others what these wonderful Essential Oils have done for you and give them your PIN number so they can sign up directly by phone. You can now develop your home-based business directly over the phone. Each distributor will receive ongoing support by dialing our automated voice mail system to receive up-to-date information directly from the company about your downline.

Most people become involved with our wonderful company by using their quality products. In sharing these products with others, you not only provide a valuable service but generate additional income as well. There are six basic sources for income: