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Massage Oils

Many of the skin and hair care products today contain harmful petrochemicals that cause allergic reactions and skin and scalp irritations. They use mineral oils that dehydrate the skin and sodium lauryl sulfate that causes allergies, dandruff and scalp rashes. Chemical molecules plug the pores of the skin, causing loss of oxygen and irritation. Chemicals used in skin care products cause irritation to the surface of the skin, which causes the surface of the skin to puff up, creating the false impression that wrinkles are being diminished, yet when puffiness goes away, wrinkles increase.

Our company uses the beauty secrets of ancient Egypt. Fine vegetable oil serves as a carrier for the Essential Oils, which are the regenerating factor. Their small molecules are absorbed into the derma and subderma skin cells to kill bacteria, oxygenate, regenerate and rehydrate the cells. Our skin care products are free of petrochemicals and animal products, environmentally safe and do not utilize animal testing.

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